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Ballenas-Winchelsea Administrative Bylaws

Development Procedure Bylaw No. 32

A bylaw to define procedures under which an owner of land may apply for amendment to a plan or bylaw or the issue of a permit under Part 14 of the Local Government Act.

Meeting Procedures Bylaw No. 24

A bylaw to establish Meeting Procedures.

Fees Bylaw No. 33

 A bylaw to prescribe fees for amending bylaws, issuing permits, examining applications for subdivision, and examining other referrals and applications. 

Development Approval Information Bylaw No. 163

A bylaw to allow the Local Trust Committee to obtain information on the anticipated impact of proposed activities or development on the community.

Board of Variance Bylaw No. 31

A bylaw to establish and to set out procedures for a Board of Variance for the Islands Trust Executive Committee Acting as a Local Trust Committee (Ballenas - Winchelsea Islands)

(pursuant to Section 536 of the Local Government Act.

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