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Welcome to the Gambier Island Local Trust Area

Gambier Island Local Trust Area is located 10km northwest of Horseshoe Bay near the Sunshine Coast and has a 2016 census population of 247. The 9811 ha land area includes over 30 other islands, such as Keats, Anvil, Bowyer, Passage, North and South Thormanby. The islands of the Gambier Island Local Trust Area are home to some of the rarest ecosystems in British Columbia. To learn about the conservation status of the Gambier Island Local Trust Area, visit the island profile

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Gambier Island Local Trust Committee Latest News    

2021 Gambier Island LTC Meeting Schedule

The NEW 2021 Gambier Island Local Trust Committee business meeting schedule is now available.  Participate in a meeting online using Zoom or simply watch the Live Stream instead.  All meetings are recorded and posted to the website a few days after the meeting.

November 19, 2020 | Electronic LTC Business Meeting 10:30am.

Meeting Agenda and Live Stream RecordingClick here and choose November 19.

November 12, 2020 | Gambier Island Board of Variance Hearing

Live Stream Recording now available. Click here and choose November 12th.


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