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Shoreline Protection Project

This project includes a targeted review of the Lasqueti Island Official Community Plan and Land Use Bylaw to address a range of shoreline protection issues and concerns. The LTC endorsed a detailed project scope and budget in February 2017 and planning staff will be working with the First Nations, Advisory Planning Commission, LI Nature Conservancy and island residents and provincial title holders on developing new policies and regulations to target shoreline protection. A major component of this project is implementation of high impact protection tools in efforts to have a direct and lasting impact on shoreline and marine values and establish a mutually respectful relationship with First Nations. This approach is crucial in order for the LTC to begin to earn the right and trust to hear First Nations’ input on Lasqueti’s marine and shoreline protection issues.

Reports and relevant communication materials will be posted to this page for reference. For more information on this project please contact planning staff at 250.247.2063 or email

June 2017 | Local Trust Committee Meeting (June 26, 2017)

Staff Reports

Project Charter

Public Correspondence


APC Referrals

First Nation and Agency Referrals


Shoreline Protection Resources

Marine Waterfront Guide

Lasqueti Shoreline Mapping

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