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North Pender Island LTA Projects & Initiatives

Current Projects  

Groundwater Sustainability Project 

This project will develop information and data as part of a phased ecological approach to groundwater management on Galiano, Mayne, North Pender, South Pender, and Saturna Islands.
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Waste Management

At the September 5, 2019 meeting the Local Trust Committee resolved to not proceed any further with the Land Use Planning for Waste Management Project.  Operators and/or landowners can apply for temporary use permits or rezoning for specific locations.

Development Permit Area Education - COMPLETED

This project was initiated in February 2019 to develop education and contact material for key industry stakeholders and landowners with a sensitive ecosystem Development Permit Area(s) (DPA) on or adjacent to their property.  This was due to a concern about development occurring in a DPA that could cause irreparable damage to protected ecosystems. This is information so landowners and contractors are better aware of the existence of DPAs on the island and know how to proceed should they be contemplating development. All Landowners were sent an information brochure in August of 2019 with distribution of contractors and stakeholders to be completed by mid-September.

The DP Education Information is on the North Pender Resources page.

Short Term Vacation Rental Review

At the meeting of September 5, 2019, the Local Trust Committee identified a review of the current short term vacation rental policies and regulations as a new top priority project.  Planning staff will be reporting at a future meeting with options and timelines for the project.

Related Projects:

Official Community Plan Implementation Project

At the meeting of September 5, 2019, the Local Trust Committee identified a new initiative to consider implementation of OCP policies through amendments to the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) as a new top priority project.   

Previous Projects

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