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Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee Projects & Initiatives

On July 21, 2016, the Local Trust Committee returned Secondary Suites and Cottages to its list of Top Priority projects. This project follows the adoption of Bylaw 461, which amended the Land Use Bylaw to allow secondary suites in areas identified in Schedule I and established regulations pertaining to matters such as water, owner-occupancy, floor area, and parking. Schedule I adds to Agricultural-zoned properties where Secondary Suites were previously permitted as one form of secondary residence. The current project is the implementation of the Secondary Suites project, and provides guidelines for the issuance of Temporary Use Permits for Secondary Suites outside of areas where they are already permitted, and allows for the use of seasonal cottages for year round-occupancy. Bylaw 471 received first reading on October 24, 2013 and will enable property owners to apply on an individual basis for a term of up to three years with the option for a renewal for another three years.

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Secondary Suites Zoning Map

Secondary Suites and Cottages require compliance with BC Building Code. For information on building permits, please contact the Capital Regional District Building Inspection Office on Salt Spring Island: 206-118 Fulford-Ganges Road Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2S4 Telephone: 250.537.2711 Email:

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Water Conservation Brochure
October 24, 2013 Staff Report
September 6, 2013 Staff Report 

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