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Associated Islands

Thetis Island Local Trust Area consists of Thetis Island and several smaller associated islands and islets, including:

  • Canoe Islet
  • Coffin Island
  • Dayman Island
  • Dunsmuir Islands
  • Hudson Island
  • Kendrick Island
  • Ladysmith Harbour Islands
  • Leech Island
  • Miami Islet
  • Pylades Island
  • Ragget Islets
  • Reid Island
  • Rose Islets
  • Ruxton Island (For info on Ruxton Island's Zoning Bylaw, please visit Thetis Bylaws)
  • Sandstone Rocks
  • Scott Island
  • Tent Island
  • Tree Island
  • Valdes Island (For info on Valdes Island's Rural Land Use Bylaw,  please visit Thetis Bylaws)
  • Whaleboat Island
  • Woods Islands

Associated Islands Projects

An Official Community Plan and Land Use Bylaw are being prepared for many of the Associated Islands around Thetis Island. For information on the project (including minutes of the Ruxton Advisory Planning Commission), please visit the Associated Islands Community Plan Project page.

Valdes Island has created a brochure on Building Permits for Valdes Island.

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