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Chair Correspondence

The Chair of the Thetis Island Local Trust Committee corresponds on behalf of the Local Trust Committee (LTC) with a variety of individuals and organizations, including government and industry, in order to communicate the interests and concerns of the LTC and their constituents.  Please see below for a list of recent communication sent by the Chair on behalf of the LTC.

2020-10-06 Letter to Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada regarding the federal licencing process for Radiocommunication and Broadcasting Antenna Systems
2016-10-24 Letter to Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure requesting a Road safety survey of Thetis Island 
2015-09-29 Letter to Environment and Natural Resources regarding Hardy Island Granite Quarry on Valdes Island
2015-06-22 Letter to the Cowichan Valley Regional District regarding a mosquito control program
2015-06-02 Letter of support for the Stewardship Centre of British Columbia's application for funding for a Green Shores for Homes education and training program
2015-02-25 Letter to Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizen's Science regarding a request for support for improved internet service on Thetis Island.


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