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Riparian Areas Regulation

This top priority project looks to implement riparian protection measures for watercourses in the Ralston Creek watershed.

For more information on this Provincial legislation, please visit the Provincial Riparian Areas Regulation website.

Staff Reports and Project Documents 

2019-08-20 - Staff Report
2019-02-22 - Staff Presentation - RAR Implementation
2019-02-22 Memorandum - 3rd Party Review Results
2017-08-29 CIM - Staff Presentation
2013-11-20 Staff Report
2012-11-21 Staff Report
2012-10-06 Staff Report
2012-04-18 Staff Report
2011-05-24 Staff Report
2010-07-21 Staff Report


Map showing RAR streams with buffers for Streamside Protection and Enhancement Area
Map showing RAR streams with property lines
RAR Stream Identification of the Ralston Creek Watershed, March 2011


2017-02-17 - Meadow Valley Properties Letter to Thetis LTC
2016-11-21 - Ministry letter to Local Trust Committee
2016-07-20 - Meadow Valley Properties Strata letter to LTC



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