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Island Municipalities, Restructure Studies and Referenda

On December 4, 1999, following a restructure study, Bowen Island became an island municipality within the Islands Trust. Bowen Island Municipality has its own website.    


Bowen Island Municipality is represented on the Islands Trust Council by two Municipal Councillors, elected through a 'double-direct' system during regular local government elections. An island municipality submits its Official Community Plans to the Islands Trust for approval, and must consider the provincial object of the Islands Trust in adopting bylaws or issuing permits or licences. Island municipalities contribute to the administrative costs of the Islands Trust through property taxes.     


In September 2005, Bowen Island's Chief Administrative Officer presented a slideshow to Trust Council reporting on progress since incorporation.   


In September 2012, Bowen Island Municipal Council had a joint meeting with the Islands Trust Council Executive Committee. The slides from Islands Trust's staff presentation are here.    


Click here to go to the Bowen Island Municipality Reports and Publications webpage.  


Alison MorseBowen Island Municipal Trustee604-947-9875
Sue Ellen FastBowen Island Municipal Trustee604-947-0483



What's New? 

July 20, 2018 | June Islands Trust Council Highlights

Islands Trust Council decision highlights from its June 2018 quarterly meeting.


June 28, 2018 | Housing Needs Assessments Now Complete

The Islands Trust Council has announced that housing needs assessments are now complete for the entire Islands Trust Area.


June 22, 2018 | Islands Trust video project

The Islands Trust has now released all three videos from its recent pilot project. The videos include: trustees talking about the object of the Islands Trust; a look at freshwater in the Trust Area; and Islands Trusts staff talking about what it means to them to work for the organization. 


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