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Salt Spring Island Considers Incorporation

Salt Spring Island Incorporation Vote

The next few weeks are important for Salt Spring Island as the community discusses the potential incorporation of Salt Spring in advance of the September 9, 2017 vote

This page is a destination for people who want to better understand the role of the Islands Trust in terms of governance and service delivery to Salt Spring, and the rest of the Trust Area.

There is much information and disinformation about the Trust being circulated within the community.  We have collected questions from citizens, as well as issues, regarding the Islands Trust that are appearing in community discussion and have provided factual and updated information in the form of frequently asked questions to help Salt Spring Islanders as they approach this important decision.

Information on the ballot question, who votes, when and where to vote and elector qualifications/registration is available on the Capital Regional District website.

We also have a number of pages that explain and develop issues associated with incorporation. The Transition Plan provides a roadmap for how the Islands Trust will adapt to a positive incorporation vote. The Salt Spring Island Incorporation Study Committee Report is also referenced.


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