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Marine Environment

In addition to advocating for changes to oil spill preparedness and responded regime for the Salish Sea (see the Oil Spill and Shipping Advocacy webpage), Trust Council has advocated against existing and proposed oil tanker traffic.  


On August 16, 2016 Chair Peter Luckham spoke in person to the Government of Canada’s Ministerial Panel reviewing the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project and followed up with a letter on September 30, 2016.

On August 18, 2015, Chair Peter Luckham sent a letter of comment to the National Energy Board, opposing the expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

In June 2013, the Islands Trust Council invited Kinder Morgan Canada to give a presentation [PDF - 2.6 MB] at their meeting on Mayne Island.  In June 2013, the Islands Trust Chair also provided a written submission as well a joint letter with San Juan County's Chair to Transport Canada's Tanker Safety Expert Panel.

In June 2012, the Islands Trust Council made a decision to oppose in principle oil pipeline projects that lead to the expansion of oil export by barge and tanker from Canada's west coast due to concern about the risk of oil spills that could irrevocably damage coastal environments, economies, and communities.

In June 2012, the Islands Trust Council also decided to encourage the federal Minister of Natural Resources to support the phasing out of crude oil export from Canada's West Coast by tanker and barge as part of a national energy strategy. See: (news release) and the Chair's letter to the Minister of Natural Resources Canada.

In 2011, the Islands Trust was the first local government to study and respond to Kinder Morgan Canada's plan to lay the financial foundation for its expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline. The Chair sent a letter to the National Energy Board requesting more consultation and opposing Kinder Morgan Canada's application due to concern that it would lead to more oil shipments destined for oil tankers. (National Energy Board decision).

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