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Islands Trust Governance

Reviews of Operations (Studies between 2006 and 2008) 

The Islands Trust has undertaken a number of reviews to improve its internal operations. Some of these studies include:

Governance Task Force and Governance Review Report (2006-2007)

In 2006 the Islands Trust Council voted to create a Governance Task Force to address a number of governance issues of concern to Salt Spring Island and some of the larger island communities. The task force focused on political representation and other improvements that could be achieved during the 2005-2008 term of office. In 2007, the public consultation was complete and resulted in a Governance Review Report.

Taking the results into account, the Islands Trust asked the Province to amend the Islands Trust Act to enable Salt Spring Island to have four locally-elected trustees. The Honourable Ida Chong, then Minister of Community Services proposed that the matter be determined by referendum in 2008. The increased level of representation was opposed by 57% of the voters.

Governance Renewal Initiative (2003)

In 2003 the Islands Trust undertook a Governance Renewal Initiative. The principles guiding the review of governance options were:

  • greater equity for tax payers while ensuring the legislated object is not at risk;
  • improved organizational self-sufficiency that ensures sustainability of the mandate;
  • enhanced local autonomy within a shared vision for the Trust Area; and
  • planning tools to assert land use values while promoting voluntary stewardship.

 The documents from that initiative are:

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