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Carbon Neutral Operations

Islands Trust - Signatory to the BC Climate Action Charter

Islands Trust is committed to the actions agreed to under the BC Climate Action Charter.  By becoming a carbon neutral organization, the Islands Trust will ensure that there is no net increase in greenhouse gas emissions from its operations.  Carbon neutrality has been achieved since 2012 through three steps:

  • Performing an emissions inventory of our operations;
  • Implementing an action plan to reduce emissions; and
  • Purchasing carbon offsets to counteract emissions that cannot be readily reduced.

Islands Trust - Carbon Neutral Operations

In 2012, we implemented a process to inventory our GHG emissions from operations.  The inventory showed that we needed to purchase 65 tonnes of carbon credits in order to become carbon neutral.  The inventory for 2013 showed a very slight reduction.  Again this year we chose to support the Community Carbon Marketplace, an initiative of the Cowichan Energy Alternatives Society.  This program has enabled our office operations to be carbon neutral while supporting and investing in the local green economy.  We feel that the Community Carbon Marketplace will provide a foundation to help grow the local low-carbon economy, generating a multiplier effect with ongoing benefits accruing within the community.

We are also continuing with steps to reduce our carbon footprint by:

  • Encouraging staff to utilize shared vehicles by becoming members of the Victoria and Nanaimo Car Share Programs;
  • Implementing paperless meeting management software to enable us to reduce paper consumption;
  • Continuing to develop and support new technology to enable webinar meetings rather than incurring travel emissions;
  • Using 100% recycled copy paper at all offices;
  • Eliminating disposable dishes, cutlery and beverage containers from office meetings; and
  • Composting and recycling programs in place in all offices

Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program

The Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) is a conditional grant program that provides funding to BC Climate Action Charter  signatories equivalent to 100 percent of the carbon taxes they pay directly.  This funding supports local governments in their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move forward on achieving their Charter goals.

To be eligible for the conditional grant, local governments must:

  • Sign on to the BC Climate Action Charter; and
  • Report publicly on their plan and progress toward meeting their climate action goals, including progress toward carbon neutrality

Islands Trust's CARIP report can be found at:

Islands Trust's GHG Emissions reports can be found at:

September 2016 letter to Islands Trust from Green Communities Committee re Carbon Neutrality.

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