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Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories

Community emission inventories show us where greenhouse gas emissions come from so that we know where to focus reduction efforts. On-going measuring of emissions will also allow communities to know if they are reaching their targets for greenhouse gas reduction.

Province of BC: Community Energy and Emissions Inventories (CEEIs)

The Province of British Columbia has developed Community Energy and Emissions Inventories (CEEIs) for communities throughout BC based on 2010 data.

Reports for all local governments in British Columbia are available at the Province of BC's Community Energy and Emissions Inventory webpage.

Islands Trust Area Emission Inventories

Some island communities have also created their own emissions inventories:

Salt Spring Island Community Energy Strategy Energy and Emissions Baseline data (March 2010). The Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee commissioned the Earth Festival Society to produce this report. The objectives of this second three-year update are to track progress in meeting targets, to identify areas where targets are clearly not going to be met, to establish an Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for 2007 to conform to Provincial baseline inventories, and to refine the analysis of indirect emissions resulting from food consumption, using data from the 2005 Salt Spring Island Local Produce Study.

GHG Emission Gabriola 2008 Report. This report was prepared by Island Futures with funding support from both Islands Trust and Canada Employment Jobs Strategy. This document estimates the greenhouse gas [GHG] emissions on Gabriola Island for 2008.

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