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History of Council Actions

Trust Council's Climate Commitments

Islands Trust has a longstanding commitment to sustainable and low-carbon communities through innovative land use planning. The list below summarizes the history of key decisions, in date order.

April 2003 Islands Trust Policy Statement

The Policy Statement contains two indirect recommendations with respect to the issue of climate change:

  • 5.1.4: Trust Council encourages property owners, residents and visitors to reduce the burning of wood and fossil fuels by adopting alternative or innovative technologies.
  • 5.8.8: Trust Council encourages government agencies, corporations, property owners, residents and visitors to use renewable sources of energy within the Trust Area.

March 2005 Resolution

That the Islands Trust Council request the Executive Committee to take opportunities that arise to indicate concerns regarding climate change and support for the reduction of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and request the Trust Programs Committee to recommend related amendments to the Policy Statement for consideration during the next Policy Statement review period.

September 2006 Resolutions

1. That the Islands Trust Council requests the Chair to write to the federal government and ask it to renew its commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as established in Canada's ratification of the Kyoto Protocol.

2. That the Islands Trust Council requests the Local Planning Committee to consider the topic of adaptive planning -- including measures that Local Trust Committees could incorporate in Official Community Plans and Land Use Bylaws -- to mitigate the potential impacts of climate change.

3. That the Islands Trust Council request the Executive Committee, Local Trust Committees and the Bowen Island Municipality to take opportunities to encourage island residents and visitors to be aware of the significant impact of climate change on our communities and the natural environment and to take steps to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases.

4. That the draft Strategic Plan include, under "Protect and Enhance the Natural Environment," adaptive planning to mitigate the potential impact of climate change.

September 2007 Resolutions

The Islands Trust Council endorsed the BC Climate Action Charter in September 2007 and received advice on reducing GHG emissions in the Islands Trust Area.

Jointly developed by the Union of BC Municipalities and the Province of BC, the BC Climate Action Charter is a non-binding statement of commitment by local governments to take action on climate change. Charter signatories commit to develop strategies and take action to achieve three goals:

  • Achieve carbon neutral operations by 2012
  • Measure and report on community GHG emissions
  • Create complete, compact, more energy efficient rural and urban communities

Islands Trust Council Strategic Plan (2008-11)

The Islands Trust Council Strategic Plan for 2008-11 included the following objectives and strategies:

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions:

  • Make Islands Trust organizational operations carbon neutral by 2012
  • Provide information on community greenhouse gas emissions on for each island
  • Recommend emission reduction targets and provide model policies and actions for consideration in island OCP amendments
  • Amend OCPs to include emission reduction target, policies and actions
  • Foster energy-efficient communities through land use planning decisions
  • Foster energy efficient communities through public education

To minimize the impact of climate change upon islands and communities:

  • Research and communicate about expected climate change impacts
  • Develop climate change action plan
  • Integrate climate change adaptation into land use planning and regulatory decisions

September 2009 Resolutions

That the Islands Trust Council recommend Local Trust Committees and Island Municipalities to:

  • Amend their work programs to make compliance with the requirements of the Local Government (Green Communities) Statutes Amendment Act (Bill 27) a top priority;
  • Use the suggested targets and menu of policy options and actions provided by staff to meet Bill 27 requirements; and
  • Provide updates on progress towards meeting Bill 27 requirements at the following Trust Council meetings: December 2009, March 2010, and June 2010.
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