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All offices are currently closed to physical visits from the public between March 31, 2021 to April 19, 2021 in keeping with stronger province-wide health restrictions. 

Office Locations
(Victoria and Northern Public Office Hours - Tuesday to Thursday 8:30-4:00)   (Monday to Friday Hours 8:30-4:00*)

Islands Trust staff remain available via email or telephone, Monday to Friday, it is public access to physical offices which vary at this time due to COVID.

Victoria Office
200 1627 Fort Street
Victoria, BC V8R 1H8

Tel: 250-405-5151
Fax: 250-405-5155

Northern Office
700 North Road
Gabriola Island, BC V0R 1X3

Tel: 250-247-2063
Fax: 250-247-7514

Salt Spring Office*
1 - 500 Lower Ganges Road
Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2N8

Tel: 250-537-9144
Fax: 250-537-9116

If you are calling from within BC you can ask for a toll free transfer to the Islands Trust offices by calling 1 800 663-7867

Not sure who can help? Use this form or check our organization chart.


Local Planning Services - General Enquiries Tel: 250-405-5151
Southern Team (Galiano, Mayne, North Pender, Saturna, South Pender) Tel: 250-405-5151

Northern Team

(Denman, Gabriola, Gambier, Hornby, Lasqueti, Thetis, Ballenas-Winchelsea)

Tel: 250-247-2063
Salt Spring Team Tel: 250-537-9144
Bylaw Enforcement Tel:-250-405-5175
Human Resources Tel: 250-405-5153
Executive Office Tel: 250-405-5161
Administrative Services Tel: 250-405-5151
Accounts Payable Tel: 250-405-5165
Communications Tel: 250-405-5156
Advocacy and Policy Tel: 250-405-5192
First Nations & Reconciliation Tel: 250-405-5174
Freshwater Specialist Tel: 250-405-5162
Islands Trust Conservancy (land conservancy) Tel: 250-405-5186

Management Team

Russ Hotsenpiller - Chief Administrative Officer Tel: 250-405-5160
Julia Mobbs - Director, Administrative Services Tel: 250-405-5150
David Marlor - Director, Local Planning Services Tel: 250-405-5169
Clare Frater - Director, Trust Area Services Tel: 250-405-5192
Carmen Thiel - Legislative Services Manager (Corporate Secretary) Tel: 250-405-5188
Lori Foster - Executive Coordinator Tel: 250-405-5161
Robert Barlow - Legislative Services Clerk Tel: 250-405-5167

Local Planning Services

Robert Kojima - Regional Planning Manager - Southern Team

(Galiano, Mayne, North Pender, Saturna, South Pender)

Tel: 250-405-5159
Kim Stockdill - Island Planner (N. Pender, S. Pender) Tel: 250-405-5157
Narissa Chadwick- Island Planner (Mayne) Tel: 250-405-5189
Brad Smith - Island Planner (Galiano, Saturna) Tel: 250-405-5194
Phil Testemale - Planner 2 (applications and enquiries) Tel: 250-405-5170
General Planning Enquiries - Southern Region Tel: 250-405-5151

Heather Kauer - Regional Planning Manager - Northern Team

(Denman, Gabriola, Gambier, Hornby, Lasqueti, Thetis, Ballenas-Winchelsea)

Tel: 250-247-2209
Marnie Eggen - Island Planner Tel: 250-247-2210
Sonja Zupanec - Island Planner  Tel: 250-247-2211
Bronwyn Sawyer - Planner 2 Tel: 250-247-2207
Jaime Dubyna - Planner 2 Tel: 250-247-2212
Ian Cox - Planner 1 Tel: 250-247-2204
General Planning Enquiries - Northern Region Tel: 250-247-2063

Stefan Cermak - Regional Planning Manager - Salt Spring Team

Tel: 250-538-5608
Jason Youmans - Island Planner (Salt Spring) Tel: 250-538-5603
Louisa Garbo - Island Planner (Salt Spring) Tel: 250-538-5602
Kristine Mayes - Planner 1 Tel: 250-538-5607
Geordie Gordon - Planner 2 Tel: 250-538-5601
General Planning Enquiries - Salt Spring Island Tel: 250-537-9144 

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