Trend Monitoring

The Islands Trust develops statistical and trend information about the people, ecosystems, economies, and communities of the Trust Area.

State of the Islands Report

In 2019, the Islands Trust finalized a State of the Islands report which includes information on social, economic and environmental trends.

It includes results of an August 2016 phone-poll of 426 island residents by Forum Research as part of that project.

smooth rock beach of seaweed leading to a green and blue ocean with a hill of trees in the background

Climate Change Indicators

The Islands Trust Council’s Strategic Plan 2018-2022 sets out a strategy for developing:

  • a set of climate change, demographic and environmental data and
  • performance criteria in order to identify the effects of climate change in the Trust Area and to measure mitigation and adaption efforts.

In 2020, the Islands Trust contracted two reports to inform its work:

Islands Trust Climate Indicators: Scoping Exercise to Identify Climate Change Indicators for the Islands Trust Area Report, 2020

Climate Projections for Islands Trust Area Report, 2020 (4687KB)

Census data

Census profiles for local trust areas and Bowen Island are available on Statistic Canada’s website.