North Pender Island Trust Area Includes:

North Pender Island Local Trust Area includes more than 39 associated islands including:

  • D’Arcy Island
  • James Island
  • Sidney Island
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Meetings and Events Around: North Pender

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Dec 04

North Pender Island Local Trust Committee

Time: 11:00 am
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Dec 09

Islands Trust Conservancy – Lisa Baile Nature Reserve Management Plan – Open House

Time: 7:30 pm
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Jan 27

North Pender LTC Regular Meeting – January 27, 2022

Time: 10:00 am
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Meet Your Trustees

Deb Morrison

Deb Morrison

North Pender Island Trustee

Deb Morrison is serving her first term as a Local Trustee for North Pender Island.

E: Email Trustee Morrison

T: 1-250-539-8200

Benjamin McConchie

Benjamin McConchie

North Pender Island Trustee

Benjamin McConchie is serving his first term as a Local Trustee for Pender Island.

E: Email Trustee McConchie

T: 1-250-885-5534

Laura Patrick

Laura Patrick

Salt Spring Island Trustee, Vice-Chair for Executive Committee

Laura Patrick is serving her first term as a Salt Spring Island Local Trustee.

E: Email Trustee Patrick

T: 1-250-537-6822

Island Profile

North Pender Island Local Trust Area includes 40 associated islands with sensitive ecosystems and 30 at-risk species such as the colourful Tufted Puffin. The area is critical habitat for Killer Whales, Yellow Sand-verbena, Edwards’ Beach Moth, grass-like Foothill Sedge and Lindley’s False Silverpuffs.

Different Species at Risk


on island

Parks and Woodland




Carbon Absorbed by Forests

Emissions saved:


cars a year

Sensitive Ecosystems




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Islands 2050

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