Ballenas-Winchelsea Island Trust Area Includes:

Ballenas-Winchelsea Islands Local Trust Area includes 11 associated islands including:

  • Ada Islands
  • Mistaken Island
  • Ruth Island
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Meetings and Events Around: Ballenas-Winchelsea

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Oct 13

Ballenas-Winchelsea Local Trust Committee

Time: 11:00 am
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Sep 20

Executive Committee

Time: 9:00 am
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Sep 21

Trust Council Quarterly 1:00 pm-5:00 pm Delegations & Town Hall 7:00 pm-9:00 pm

Time: 1:00 pm
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Meet Your Trustees

Dan Rogers

Dan Rogers

Gambier/Keats Island Trustee, Vice-Chair for Executive Committee

Dan Rogers is serving his second term as Local Trustee for Gambier Island.

E: Email Trustee Rogers

T: 1-604-220-1500

Sue Ellen Fast

Sue Ellen Fast

Bowen Island Trustee and Municipal Councillor, Co-Chair for Executive Committee

Sue Ellen Fast is a Municipal Councillor in her second term as a Bowen Island Municipality Trustee.

E: Email Trustee Fast

T: 1-778-867-8390


Laura Patrick

Laura Patrick

Salt Spring Island Trustee, Vice-Chair for Executive Committee

Laura Patrick is serving her first term as a Salt Spring Island Local Trustee.

E: Email Trustee Patrick

T: 1-250-537-6822

Peter Luckham

Peter Luckham

Thetis Island Trustee, Chair for Executive Committee

Peter Luckham is serving as a Thetis Island Local Trustee since 2005, and Executive Committee Chair since 2014.

E: Email Trustee Luckham

T: 1-250-210-2553

Island Profile

Ballenas-Winchelsea Islands Local Trust Area includes 19 islands and islets. This rugged archipelago is home to some of the world’s rarest ecosystems, including a glass sponge reef and protected marine areas. These islands and islets are blanketed with wildflowers vulnerable to human impacts.

Eelgrass Beds



in shoreline areas




on island

Sensitive Ecosystems




Carbon Absorbed by Forests

Emissions saved:


cars a year

News Ballenas-Winchelsea LTA

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Islands Trust to improve development application process

Islands Trust has been awarded a $367,795 grant from the Province of B.C for a Development Application Service Delivery and…

A daisy in the grass

Public engagement plan in development

Planning for more Islands 2050 public engagement about the DRAFT new Policy Statement engagement process is underway.

Engagement Plan in Development

Partial advocacy success – Ottawa announces new system to improve marine vessel traffic flow in Southern British Columbia

After more than 15 years advocating for Ottawa to reduce and ultimately eliminate 33 freighter anchorages, Islands Trust learned today…

Freighter in the Gulf Islands

Statement in Support of Penelakut Tribe Community

Islands Trust supports raising awareness of the history and devastating legacy of residential schools.


July 9, 2021 – First reading of the draft new Policy Statement postponed – more engagement to come

Trust Council postponed consideration of first reading of the draft new Policy Statement to allow for enhanced public engagement.

Islands 2050

Islands 2050

We are preparing for the future by updating the Islands Trust Policy Statement. Learn more and get involved.

Islands 2050

Freshwater Sustainability Grant

The Islands Trust is thrilled to be receiving $190,000 from the Real Estate Foundation of BC as part of the…

Salt Spring Island Waterfall

30 Nature Reserves in 30 Years – The Heron Newsletter, Spring 2021

The Islands Trust Conservancy’s Spring 2021 Heron newsletter is special. It marks their 30th anniversary at the close of March…

heron newsletter cover march 2021