Protected Places

Protecting nature is one of the best strategies to address climate change and halt the loss of biodiversity.

Conserving land with natural areas is a more effective strategy to protect biodiversity than restoring ecosystems once they are degraded or lost. Over the past 31 years, Islands Trust Conservancy, together with partnering local conservancies and landowners, has protected land with 34 nature reserves and 79 conservation covenants.

organically created circular holes ina. mossy forest floor, around a lagoon

Take a tour and discover our protected places and see the list of lands managed by the Islands Trust Conservancy:

1,375+ Hectares of Protected Land

Saving lands with undeveloped and natural areas is critical to maintaining our region’s rich biodiversity, and protecting what remains of rare and fragile ecosystems.

Since time immemorial, Islands Trust Conservancy nature reserves have been used and inhabited by First Nations. Through its Reconciliation Declaration, the Islands Trust Conservancy is committed to learning more about the deep connection of First Nations to the land.

Islands Trust Conservancy’s nature reserves are often open to the public with use and restricted to clearly marked trails. Islands Trust Conservancy seeks to connect the public to a rich diversity of birds, plants and insects through gentle use of nature reserves.

Without these benchmarks, we lose a sense of what we can cherish, and we lose a sense of the wild and our connection to it.

Nature Reserve Management Plans

Islands Trust Conservancy nature reserves have detailed management plans outlining environmental features, issues, strategies and more. Learn more

Care of Protected Lands

Islands Trust Conservancy’s mandate is to protect land entrusted to us in perpetuity. Learn more

Visiting Nature Reserves

We welcome visitors and ask that you please tread softly on the land. Visiting is restricted to 20 of the 34 nature reserves on the islands of the Salish Sea. Learn more

Research on Nature Reserves

Islands Trust Conservancy nature reserves are excellent places for scientific research. Learn more

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