Conservation Planning

The Islands Trust Conservancy’s work is guided by the Regional Conservation Plan 2018 – 2027. We develop conservation plans to focus our efforts and resources on what’s most urgently in need of protection.

In 2017, we reached out to experts, partners, the public and First Nations with interests in the land and waters in the Islands Trust area to develop this ten-year Regional Conservation Plan. This plan is essential in guiding the conservation of fragile Islands Trust Area ecosystems.

The Islands Trust Conservancy has been doing conservation planning since the early 1990s. The first Regional Conservation Plan was created in 2005. The current plan is the third Islands Trust Conservancy Regional Conservation Plan.

A waterfall in a wooded, mossy forest with trees and ferns

The Islands Trust Conservancy acknowledges that the islands and waters that encompass the Salish Sea have been home to Indigenous Peoples since time immemorial. We recognize that we are all intertwined in the ecosystems that are the lands, waters, culture, and ecology that embody this place. Learn more about the Islands Trust Conservancy Declaration.

Goals for the Next 10 Years

  1. Identify, investigate and communicate about important natural areas to generate action on conservation priorities.
  2. Strengthen relationships with First Nations to identify and collaborate on shared conservation goals.
  3. Continue to secure and manage Islands Trust Conservancy lands and conservation covenants to maximize ecological integrity.
  4. Continue to build internal and shared organizational strength and resilience to ensure long-term nature conservation in the Islands Trust Area.

Islands Trust Conservancy goals for the next decade are strategically planned to maximize resources.

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Biodiversity Priorities

Islands Trust Conservancy is committed to protecting the biodiversity of life on the islands. We have focused goals on specific ecosystems and landscape features.

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Land Securement Strategy

Islands Trust Conservancy uses a deliberate strategy to focus the efforts of staff and board when responding to land securement opportunities.

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Almost 20 percent of the Islands Trust area is protected by public and non-profit conservation organizations.

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