Islands Trust is accountable to the Minister for Municipal Affairs, taxpayers, and the public. The Islands Trust must conduct its operations in an ethical manner that is consistent with legislative requirements.

Annually, Islands Trust Council consults on its proposed budget and reports on the organization’s activities through an annual report. Every five years, the Minister approves Islands Trust Conservancy’s Five Year Plan.

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All Islands Trust meetings are open to the public unless closed for specific reasons, which are detailed in the Community Charter, and are run in a way that upholds Trust Council’s administrative fairness principles. The independent Ombudsperson of British Columbia is also available to investigate complaints from members of the public about the administration of Islands Trust programs and services.

Records such as agendas and minutes of open meetings, bylaws, and policies are available on our website or upon request. A formal written request is needed to access records that are not routinely available.

Local trust committees can ensure that they are accountable to the preserve and protecting mandate by enforcing their land use bylaws.

Bylaw compliance activities take place within the limits of Islands Trust’s annual budget and in accordance with relevant Trust Council and local trust committee policies. Investigations involving health, safety, and significant environmental damage are given the highest priority.

Each year, Islands Trust Conservancy monitors its protected areas to assess the condition of the natural values.