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Islands Trust is committed to delivering accurate information to the public and often collaborates with the news media to achieve this. However, occasionally it becomes necessary to provide corrections or clarifications. This page aims to provide a central location for directly presenting the factual information in response to inaccuracies.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Does Islands Trust record meetings?

Yes! Islands Trust records Trust Council meetings and committee meetings, with exceptions when technological limitations prevent recording in a specific venue.

To find meeting recordings, look up the date of the meeting you want to view in Meetings & Events, select the meeting you want to view, and then select “Watch Recording”.

Recordings are for convenience only and are not the official record of a meeting; minutes are the official record.

If you can’t find a specific recording or minutes, or have any other questions, contact us.

Is the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee bringing in new regulations regarding "liveaboards"?

Recently, there have been a number of questions regarding “liveaboards” in Salt Spring waters, culminating in a presentation at the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee on June 22, 2023.

The Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee is not considering changes to its regulations regarding “liveaboards” at this time.

At the June 22, 2023 LTC meeting, following a presentation from a local group, the local trustees asked staff to look at the material prepared by the group and report back at a future meeting.

The Salt Spring Island Land Use Bylaw already prohibits use of any vessel as a dwelling (“liveaboards”).

Enforcement of regulations related to unlawful dwellings with the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Area, such as “liveaboards”, are not enforced because of a Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee standing resolution to not enforce “until there are safe, secure appropriate housing options that are affordable for all demographics and household types”. This resolution does not apply to regulations intended to protect ensuring health and safety, appropriate sewage disposal, pollution, location in environmentally sensitive areas, and unpermitted campgrounds.

There is an exception: this restriction does not apply to temporary wharfage of transient vessels, to licensed commercial fishing boats, or to the use of one vessel as a dwelling for security personnel at a public docking facility.

Questions? Contact us.


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