Conservation Superheroes

A Heartfelt Gift

William Holzapfel is the youngest person to donate to the Islands Trust Conservancy. At six years old, his gift came as nickels, dimes and quarters; it was a portion of his allowance. William wants to save habitat. His favourite spot on Salt Spring Island is the beach on Price Road, where he spends hours trekking, collecting shells and rocks, and poking around on beaches and in tide pools.

Young boy standing infront of boulders on the seashore with dry grass in the foreground

Donations like William’s are such an inspiration! Large or small, these gifts help to ensure that future children will be able to experience the same joy of losing themselves in the wonders of the outdoors.

Donations can be made to Islands Trust Conservancy here.

Time, Treasure, Talent

Louise Bell embodied giving time, talent and treasure. She served as an Islands Trust Conservancy board member for 10 years, helping to shape the future of land conservation in the islands.

This dedication inspired others. When she retired from her role as a Denman Island trustee, trustees throughout the Islands Trust Area honoured her 15-year career as a local politician with a donation to a cause close to her heart—the Islands Trust Conservancy’s Opportunity Fund to support land acquisition campaigns throughout the Islands Trust Area.

A woman with short grey hair in a red sweater and jeans walking a rocky beach with orange tree leaves in the background

Tribute donations were also made in lieu of gifts when she celebrated her birthday with friends.

Louise personally made annual  donations to Islands Trust Conservancy from 1999 until her passing in 2021. She chose to give where she lived because she knew and trusted Islands trust Conservancy, and saw the impact every donation made on her beloved islands of the Salish Sea.

Donations and “In Memory” donations can be made to Islands Trust Conservancy here.

“My Heart Sings”

Lois Kennedy’s passion was her community, Gambier Island. First, she gave time and talent: she served as president of the Gambier Island Community Association. Then, because she believed strongly in island conservation, she was a founding Director of the Gambier Island Conservancy.

She joined other volunteers to assess and map the island’s watersheds and streams and led several initiatives to restore damaged island ecosystems and to protect natural areas.

A woman in green pants and a black tank top sitting on a bench with a mossy rock background

As her last contribution to her community and to the island she loved, Lois left a gift of securities valued at $100,000 to the Islands Trust Conservancy in her will. Her legacy gift was directed to conservation on Gambier Island.

In writing about the Islands Trust Conservancy’s Brigade Bay Nature Reserve on Gambier Island she says, “No one will ever hurt this wetland again. My heart sings.”

Although Lois Kennedy passed away in 2010, this champion of conservation’s legacy lives on.

Together our hearts sing.

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Your Life, Your Legacy

“There is no better legacy for John’s life lived gently on the land than a row of exuberant autumn crocuses leading to the site where his house once stood, in the heart of the new John Osland Nature Reserve on Lasqueti Island” – Donald Gordon, friend.

During John Osland’s 62 years on his Lasqueti property, he cared deeply for the nature around him and all it provided him with.

John Osland, Lasqueti Island-Nature-Reserve_

Despite the heavy logging on the island in his early years on Lasqueti, John’s ancient trees remained. He got immense pleasure from walking among the big firs.

In his later years, he began to worry about the future of his beloved trees, the land and the animals he shared it with. With the help of his friends and a lawyer, John made a plan for his property for when he was gone. He bequeathed the land in his will to the Islands Trust Conservancy, specifying that the land be protected as a nature reserve after he passed away. He hoped people who visited would enjoy the delights of nature and care for the land with as much love as he did.

Islands Trust Conservancy is honoured with the trust John had bestowed on us. The John Osland Nature Reserve is a legacy that truly represents John’s vision for future generations. He will be forever remembered for this legacy.

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Ruby Alton Nature Reserve

Ruby Alton will be forever remembered for having bequeathed her forest, gardens and shoreline as a nature reserve. The Ruby Alton Nature Reserve is a tribute to the passion that Ruby felt about her home.

Born and raised on Salt Spring Island, Ruby Alton had a deep understanding of the ways of the sea, the shore, her gardens and forest.

an old sepia photograph with a smiling young woman in a brown sweater holding black and white lambs

She had watched in sadness as farmland and forests were wiped out for fancy houses and asphalt. Because she cared so deeply, Ruby bequeathed her property and a cash endowment to Islands Trust Conservancy.

A bequest is a gift to an organization made in a donor’s will. Such gifts can take many forms, including gifts of money, land, securities or personal property.

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