Supporting Local Conservancies

At the heart of our islands’ conservation communities are Island-based conservancies and land trusts. Largely volunteer-driven, these dedicated groups are on the ground-contacting landholders, running children’s outdoor programs, and leading the charge to protect some of the most loved places on the islands. The Islands Trust Conservancy collaborates with groups throughout the Salish Sea to protect island species and ecosystems.

a dandelion and green buds in closeup with a blue ocean in the background

To further this initiative, we provide direct help to conservation allies, by supporting their projects and programs with expertise, conservation tools such as comprehensive mapping data, funding for networking and training and grants for some of the hardest-to-fund costs associated with specific land protection projects.

Land Purchase Assistance

The Islands Trust Conservancy can provide expertise and help to acquisition campaigns led by an island-based conservancy. Learn more

Opportunity Fund Grants

The Islands Trust Conservancy’s Opportunity Fund provides small grants to local conservancies to support land protection projects. Learn more

Networking and Training

The health of natural ecosystems depends on the strength of the local organizations at the heart of conservation efforts in the islands. Learn more