Bylaw Enforcement Review Project

The purpose of the Bylaw Enforcement review project is to resolve bylaw enforcement matters efficiently and with minimal conflict by reviewing and amending Islands Trust Bylaw Enforcement policies, procedures, and guidelines to be administratively fair, reasonable, and transparent with the aim of restoring public confidence.

In March 2023, Islands Trust Council requested that the Office of the Ombudsperson undertake a review of enforcement policies and practices and provide recommendations.

In August 2023 the Office of the Ombudsperson’s Consultation and Training Team submitted the ‘Voluntary Consultation on Bylaw Enforcement Policies and Practices within the Islands Trust’ report.  In September 2023 Trust Council referred the project to the Regional Planning Committee and directed that the recommendations of the report be implemented, and that staff develop a work plan and project charter.  A project charter and work plan was endorsed in February 2024 and work on the review is proceeding under the direction of the Regional Planning Committee.

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Bylaw Enforcement Review Project
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