Report a Concern

Have you witnessed someone on the islands violating fisheries, wildlife, or environmental protection laws?

Would you like to report a bylaw contravention? Find out more about how to report a violation concern or a bylaw contravention on this page.

A wasp on a small dead minnow washed up on dry rocks

Report a Violation

You can report sightings to the B.C. Ministry of Environment’s Report All Poachers and Polluters Hotline at 1-877-952-7277.

Reports can also be made online. The free tip-line and online form lets you report wildlife abuse anonymously and without the risk of confronting the offender.

For more information, visit the Conservation Officer Service Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) program.

Information about how to report other concerns such as derelict vessels, oil spills, archaeology site damage, and marine mammal incidents is on the Other Government Services page.

Report a Bylaw Contravention

The Islands Trust is committed to protecting your privacy. Information you provide in the form below is confidential and used only to process your complaint. We never provide or sell your personal information to agencies, third-parties, respondents or advertisers. For detailed information, please review our Privacy Statement.

Please note that we are unable to act on anonymous complaints.

If you would like to submit a complaint directly by email without using the submission form below, or you would like to provide photographs, please send an email to Bylaw Compliance and Enforcement staff.

You can also simply mail a note with the information required to one of the Islands Trust offices. The mailing address can be found here.

If you have language or literacy issues, contact the Islands Trust offices and staff will help you to complete the contravention form below.

Once your online form submission is successfully sent, you will receive an automatic reply email indicating that “your bylaw enforcement e-mail has been received!” If you haven’t received this email message, then you haven’t successfully submitted your complaint. Try again or contact Bylaw Compliance and Enforcement staff.

Bylaw Contravention Report

As the pressures on British Columbia’s natural environment increase, the responsibility and challenge to protect and maintain it grows as well. Read more about the Costs of Poachers and Polluters.