Stewardship Awards

Every two years, the Community Stewardship Awards honour individual people, organizations, and/or groups involved with initiatives that further the Islands Trust mandate.

The program was established to encourage, recognize, and reward leadership in preservation and protection of the unique environment and amenities of the Islands Trust Area.

a three generation family of six stands side by side outside the eldest man and woman holding a framed award

Community Stewardship Awards 2021

The award categories are:

  • Individual
  • Organization, or group
  • Other (The Other category may include awards for enduring achievement, climate change (adaptation and/or mitigation), youth, or posthumous recognition.)

Past awards have gone to people working in areas such as these:

  • Land conservation
  • Knowledge holding and sharing
  • Ecosystem preservation
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Water and marine conservation
  • Agriculture innovation
  • Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation

Who Can Be Nominated

You can nominate individuals, organizations and/or businesses working to preserve and protect the unique environment and amenities of the Islands Trust Area through a single initiative or multiple initiatives that are connected.

At the time of the nomination, the initiative, being worked on by the nominee(s), must be ongoing, or have been completed in the previous 24 months.

We welcome nominations that recognize:

  • Individual People
  • groups
  • schools or classrooms
  • community organizations
  • non-profits
  • businesses

Please Note: Organizations that provide goods and services to the Islands Trust are eligible to nominate an initiative if the initiative did not receive and form of payment from the Islands Trust.

Current Islands Trust staff members, contractors, and trustees are not eligible for nomination until 24 months after receiving the last payment from the Islands Trust.

Organizations are not eligible for nomination if Islands Trust staff, contractors, or trustees played a leadership role in the nominating organization when implementing the nominated initiative.

Nomination Process

Before you nominate an individual or group, please ask their permission.

This is a good first step since the individual or a representative of the group you are nominating needs to sign the nomination form before you submit it. You can only submit one nomination each year.

Nomination Deadline

Program Temporarily Suspended

Trust Council has temporarily suspended the Community Stewardship Awards Program, with a commitment to review the decision in December 2021. Read the full news release announcing this decision.

Evaluation Criteria

The Trust Programs Committee is responsible for evaluating the Community Stewardship Award nominations.

Evaluation is done in a closed meeting by the committee in consultation with Trustees responsible for the Local Trust Area where the initiative occurred or is taking place. They will consider:

  • Relationship of the project/initiative to the Islands Trust Policy Statement
  • Benefits to the Islands Trust Area where the project takes place
  • The level of collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Community support and involvement
  • Time and effort
  • The ability of the project to be an ongoing public service

Award recommendations are reviewed by the Island Trust Council, during an in-camera (closed to the public) meeting and the recipients are selected.

Awards Presentations

Community Stewardship Award celebrations take place in the fall on the island where the recipient(s) live.

Past Recipients

The 2019 Community Stewardship Award recipients were announced in a news release.

More Information

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