Salt Spring Island Trust Area Includes:

Salt Spring Island Local Trust Area includes more than 25 associated islands including:

  • Bright Island
  • Deadman Islands
  • Piers Island
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Meetings and Events Around: Salt Spring

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May 10

Select Committee Governance and Management Review

Time: 1:00 pm
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May 12

Regional Planning Committee

Time: 10:00 am
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May 13

Salt Spring Island Agricultural Advisory Planning Commission

Time: 3:00 pm
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Meet Your Trustees

Laura Patrick

Laura Patrick

Salt Spring Island Trustee, Vice-Chair for Executive Committee

Laura Patrick is serving her first term as a Salt Spring Island Local Trustee.

Peter Grove

Peter Grove

Salt Spring Island Trustee

Peter Grove is serving his third term as Local Trustee for Salt Spring Island.

Peter Luckham

Peter Luckham

Thetis Island Trustee, Chair for Executive Committee

Peter Luckham is serving as a Thetis Island Local Trustee since 2005, and Executive Committee Chair since 2014.

Island Profile

In and around the Saltspring Island Local Trust Area there are 48 species at risk. The area is critical habitat for Dun Skipper butterflies, Gray’s Desert-parsley and two species at risk: the Little Brown Bat and Sharp-tailed snake. In the Salish Sea the endangered Leatherback Sea Turtle, the world's largest reptile is occasionally seen.

Mature Forest Growth


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Parks and Woodland




Carbon Absorbed by Forests

Emissions saved:


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Sensitive Ecosystems




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A surge of development applications slows processing times at Islands Trust

The pandemic trend of home improvement, property development, and purchases are resulting in longer development application processing times.

News Release

Freshwater Sustainability Grant

The Islands Trust is thrilled to be receiving $190,000 from the Real Estate Foundation of BC as part of the…

Salt Spring Island Waterfall

Islands Trust Response to COVID-19

Islands Trust has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by adjusting its operations.


Islands Trust Council Approves 2021/22 Budget

The Islands Trust Council has approved the 2021/22 budget.

A grey and orange butterfly perched on white and yellow flowers with a

Trust Council Chair Writes to Thank Minister for Changes to Island Coastal Economic Trust

The Islands Trust Council has been advocating with partners for the Province of BC to make the Southern Gulf Islands…


30 Nature Reserves in 30 Years – The Heron Newsletter, Spring 2021

The Islands Trust Conservancy’s Spring 2021 Heron newsletter is special. It marks their 30th anniversary at the close of March…

heron newsletter cover march 2021

SSI LTC Seeks Applications for its Advisory Planning Commissions and Board of Variance

The Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee seeks applications for its Advisory Planning Commissions and Board of Variance.

Salt Spring Island view from mountain top

Ganges Village Area Plan

The Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee (SSI LTC) has directed staff to develop a Ganges Village Area Plan to ensure development…


Protection of Coastal Douglas-Fir and Associated Ecosystems on Salt Spring Island

The Coastal Douglas-fir (CDF) zone describes a unique set of ecosystems found only on southeast Vancouver Island, the islands of…