Islands 2050

The Islands 2050 Policy Statement Amendment Project is designed to help Trust Council plan for the challenges and opportunities that the Islands Trust Area will face over the next 30 years.

This work involves updating the Islands Trust Policy Statement, which contains the policies that Trust Council uses to carry out its special provincial mandate to preserve and protect the unique amenities and environment of the Trust Area. The Policy Statement shapes land and marine use planning across the Trust Area, but the current version has not been substantively updated since 1994, and a lot has changed since then.

We are updating the Policy Statement to be current, to adapt to future challenges, and to take advantage of new and developing opportunities. In particular, we are seeking to update the document to better address Trust Council’s priority themes of reconciliation, climate change, and affordable housing.

Latest News

  • We have now wrapped up Phase 3 of Islands 2050 Public Engagement. Thank you to everyone who participated in the 24 in-person community events, 3 virtual community events, focus groups, and online/paper survey. We had some great conversations, heard a diverse range of views, and received many thoughtful ideas from islanders all across the Trust Area.
  • The June 2022 Trust Council agenda package contained three engagement summary reports (pages 154-261) summarizing feedback from:
  • -Phase 3 of public engagement (ISL’s engagement summary report)
  • -Phase 2 of early and meaningful engagement with First Nations
  • -Phase 1 of agency referrals
  • Trust Council and its committees are now contemplating the feedback received from these three streams of engagement and developing recommendations for next steps, to be discussed at the September 2022 Trust Council meeting.

Public Engagement Phase 3 

Engagement consultants from ISL Engineering were brought in to implement Phase 3 of Islands 2050 public engagement on the Draft New Policy Statement. From February – April 2022, the project team hosted 24 in-person community events, a virtual information and Q&A session, a two-part interactive virtual community workshop, a number of small focus groups, and an online/paper survey.

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*Read the Islands 2050 Fact Sheets:

*Next Steps:

  • Islands 2050 Phase 3 public engagement activities closed on April 17, 2022
  • ISL presented its Engagement Summary Report to the June 21-23, 2022, Trust Council meeting
  • Trust Council and its committees are now developing recommendations for next steps for the project
  • It is anticipated that Trust Council will review and discuss recommendations for further amendments to the draft new Policy Statement at its September 2022 Trust Council meeting

Public Engagement Process

Updating the Policy Statement with respect to reconciliation, climate change, and affordable housing involves considering and balancing many inputs, including feedback from the community.

Phase 1 Public Engagement (2019) and Phase 2 Public Engagement (2021) provided public input that informed the development of draft Policy Statement amendments.

In Phase 3 Public Engagement (late February to April 2022), we informed and consulted the public on the draft Policy Statement amendments through a series of public engagement activities. Feedback from this phase of engagement will inform Trust Council’s consideration of amendment recommendations prior to First Reading.

First Nations Engagement

We are undertaking early and meaningful engagement and capacity funding support with First Nations governments in the Trust Area, to guide all stages of the Islands 2050 Policy Statement Amendment Project. Beyond government-to-government relationship building and engagement, we are also beginning to engage with Indigenous people living on the islands to learn and build relationships.

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Project Timeline

The Islands 2050 Policy Statement Amendment Project began in 2019 and will go through several iterative stages, meaning that each stage of the project will build on, and be informed by, the stages that came before it.

Read the Draft New Policy Statement

View the DRAFT new Policy Statement Bylaw No. 183:

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