Administrative Fairness

The Islands Trust is committed to acting in a non-discriminatory and reasonably prompt manner. We will ensure actions and decisions are lawful, not negligent, and for a proper purpose; and conduct decision-making processes that are reasonably fair and prompt within a defined process and timeframe. The Islands Trust Handling of Administrative Fairness Complaints Policy gives the public the right to submit a formal complaint.

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These formal complaints can be made about Islands Trust administrative practices and procedures (excluding land use bylaw infractions) in accordance with the Administrative Fairness Principles Policy.

How to Make a Complaint

  1. In order for a complaint to be formally processed, it must be made in writing and directed to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the Islands Trust for complaints regarding staff, and to the Chair for complaints regarding local trust committees or trustees.
  2. Complainants must state the specific nature of their complaints and provide their name, address and phone number.
  3. Complaints are initially handled in a confidential manner by staff and trustees. However, in order to process a complaint, complainants are asked to acknowledge in writing that their complaint is not considered confidential with respect to the affected staff, trustees or Islands Trust decision-making body.
  4. Once a complaint is received, it is investigated and a report is prepared containing the facts, issues, and results of efforts to address the complaint.  The report is then considered by the appropriate person or decision-making body for determination of a response to the complainant.

Scope of Authority

The review bodies for such complaints, being the CAO and the Executive Committee, do not have the power to judicially review the conduct of Trust Council, a local trust committee, or a trustee or staff.

They are limited to making recommendations to Islands Trust decision-making bodies to modify their decisions or actions, and to direct staff on remedial efforts, if applicable.

Administrative Fairness Complaints

To make an administrative fairness complaint, please write to:

CAO (for complaints regarding staff)
Chair of Islands Trust (for complaints regarding Trust bodies or trustees)

Islands Trust

200 – 1627 Fort Street

Victoria, BC V8R 1H8


T: 1-250-405-5151