Policy Statement

The Islands Trust Act requires Trust Council to adopt a Policy Statement with the policies it will use to preserve and protect the Trust Area. The Islands Trust Council is currently undertaking a process to amend the Policy Statement. Find out more on the Islands 2050 page.

The Policy Statement contains the principles and policies that guide the Islands Trust’s work. It also guides the development of the regulatory land-use bylaws of local trust committees and Bowen Island Municipality and the development of Trust Council’s Strategic Plan and advocacy program. 

Within the Islands Trust Area, Regional Growth Strategies do not apply; instead, official community plans and land use bylaws must be consistent with the Policy Statement.

Infographics showing the policy statement in relation to island landscape at Islands Trust

The Policy Statement is also used by external agencies such as regional districts and provincial agencies to determine if their plans and policies are compatible with those of Islands Trust.

Infographic showing difference between Islands Trust Area and regional districts

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