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Grant Revenue

The Islands Trust occassionally seeks funding from federal and provincial government sources or foundations for projects which link to its strategic priorities. Grants can be initiated by staff, trustees or community partners whose work furthers the Islands Trust's strategic goals and who often collaborate with the Islands Trust on funded projects. 

The availability of outside funding enables Local Trust Committees and Council committees to conduct community consultations, research, mapping or public education for community development work in areas such as affordable housing, climate change and food security.

Since 2011, the following funders supported the Islands Trust:

Seeking and administering grants by the Islands Trust is guided by a Grants and Donations Administration Policy. Any contracts or purchases of goods funded by a grant are subject to the Purchasing Policy

While the Islands Trust does not have a grants program for community groups to apply directly to, there are numerous other government, foundation and corporate grants available.  To help you find funding for your community project, please see a list of grants and available resources.  This list is only updated periodically as staff resources and time allow.

Page last updated: 21/11/18
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