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Legislative Structure


The Islands Trust consists of fifteen distinct corporate entities: Trust Council, Executive Committee, twelve local trust committees and the Islands Trust Conservancy board

The Islands Trust is a unique federation of local governments, including Bowen Island Municipality, which plan land use and regulate development in the Trust Area. Like other communities in British Columbia, island communities elect their local representatives every four years.

Two local trustees are elected for each group of islands designated as a local trust area or island municipality. For the twelve local trust areas, the two local trustees, together with an appointed chair from the Executive Committee, are responsible for the land use decisions within their local area. For Bowen Island Municipality, the two municipal trustees are part of a seven-member council that is responsible for all local government functions, including land use decisions.

In addition to the Executive Committee elected by Trust Council, there are three standing committees of trustees appointed by the Chair - Regional Planning Committee, Trust Programs Committee and Financial Planning Committee which make recommendations on issues referred to them by Trust Council.

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