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The Islands Trust Area

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2007 Mayne Island July 20 Active Pass From Miner 's Bay By Victor Rodd

Mc Rae Covenant Camas Photo By Maxine Mc Rae

CAS_2099 Mayne Island Fall Fair By Brian Haller


The islands of the Salish Sea on Canada's west coast are renowned for outstanding scenery and recreational resources.  These special islands offer panoramic viewpoints, sheltered bays with secluded beaches, protected marine waterways and anchorages and pastoral vistas. This remarkable area is home to an exceptional variety of species of birds, fish, intertidal life, wildlife and plants. For more information on the special ecosystems of the islands visit the Islands Trust Conservancy, our regional land conservancy, dedicated to permanently protecting island habitats in Canada's Salish Sea.

The Islands Trust Area, established by legislation in 1974, contains 13 major islands and more than 450 smaller islands covering approximately 5200 square kilometres of land and water between the British Columbia mainland and southern Vancouver Island, including Howe Sound and as far north as Comox.

The Islands Trust is responsible for preserving and protecting the unique environment and amenities of the Islands Trust Area through planning and regulating land use, development management, education, cooperation with other agencies, and land conservation. Infrastructure services such as fire, police, hospitals, roads and sewers or septic systems, are provided by other agencies. For information on who to contact check the blue pages of your local telephone book or visit our page about other jurisdictions.

About 26,000 people live on these islands, in communities characterized by a mix of lifestyles, livelihoods and individuals. Island residents join together to bring special skills and viewpoints to sustain a tradition of community involvement.

View maps of the islands and their ecosystems or visit the Islands Trust Conservancy for more about biodiversity on the islands.

To learn more about the Islands Trust's work on each of the islands, visit the Local Trust Area pages or search for an island on this list.





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