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Local Trust Areas

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Local Trust Committees are responsible for land use planning and regulation for their respective area of jurisdiction.  Their responsibilities include preparation and adoption of Official Community Plans, Land Use Bylaws, zoning and subdivision bylaws, regulation of soil removal and deposit, and authorization of permits under Part 14 of the Local Government Act.

Two local trustees are elected for each group of islands designated as a local trust area or island municipality. 

For the twelve local trust areas, the two local trustees, together with an appointed chair from the Executive  Committee, form the Local Trust Committee, or LTC.  Use the interactive map on the home page or the menu on the right to visit each LTC.

For Bowen Island Municipality, the two local trustees are part of a seven-member council that is responsible for all functions of a local government, including land use decisions.

In addition, the Executive Committee acts as a local trust committee for the Ballenas-Winchelsea Islands.

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