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Contaminants and Saltwater Intrusion

The BC Government water quality website contains information on drinking water quality, water quality guidelines, and monitoring water quality including information on common water contaminants.

Health Authorities also play a role in protecting drinking water quality. Visit their websites for more information:

Island Health

Vancouver Coastal Health

Saltwater Intrusion

Coastal well owners have a special concern. When well owners deplete groundwater, hydraulic pressure pulls seawater into freshwater aquifers. This saltwater intrusion can result in long-term impacts on drinking water and local ecosystems.

Simon Fraser University has a variety of reports on saltwater intrusion in the Gulf Islands:

Risk of Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Bedrock Aquifers: Gulf Islands, BC

Chemical Indicators of Saltwater Intrusion for the Gulf Islands, British Columbia

Other Contaminants

Septic Tank functioning and location can also affect water quality. Contact your local health authority for more information:

Island Health

Vancouver Coastal Health


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