Oil Spills and Marine Shipping

The Islands Trust Council has been advocating to senior governments about oil spill and oil tanker issues since 1979. An oil spill within the Islands Trust Area could have devastating impacts on the abundant biodiversity of the region, significantly affect at-risk species, and harm the livability and economic well-being of local communities.

Since 2012, the Islands Trust Council has advocated against the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project. Trust Council opposes in principle oil pipeline projects that lead to the expansion of oil export by barge and tanker from Canada’s west coast.

Hebei Lion blue and orange Cargo Ship

We are concerned about the risk of oil spills that could irrevocably damage coastal environments, economies, and communities.

On behalf of the Islands Trust Council, the Chair has advocated the federal and provincial governments on many topics related to oil spills and marine shipping.

Islands Trust Advocacy History

During the 2018-2022 term, current topics include:

  • Transport Canada’s plan to improve how Canada prepares for and responds to releases of hazardous and noxious substances from ships
  • Transport Canada’s Port Modernization Review Discussion Paper
  • Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project proposal
  • Canadian Coast Guard’s West Coast Towing Needs Assessment
  • Transport Canada’s extension of Pacific Region Anchorages Interim Protocol
  • Transport Canada’s Draft Proactive Vessel Management National Framework Paper

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Report a Spill

Land & Freshwater Spills: 1-800-663-3456

Marine Water Spills: 1-800-645-7911