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How Do I Care for My Shoreline?

In the Islands Trust Area our shorelines are part of what define us and our island landscapes by providing highly valued coastal areas where we live, work and play.  Maintaining the integrity and ecological function of the natural shoreline is crucial to the survival of many marine and terrestrial species. To help waterfront land owners and users of our coastal areas preserve and maintain a healthy shoreline ecosystem the Islands Trust has undertaken a number of initiatives.

It is intended that the information provided in the following web resources will continue to grow as new mapping data is available and additional information is compiled so please visit the website regularly and provide feedback through the website 'Feedback' link below.

Shoreline Information

Here you can find a range of general information about shoreline features and how they function, and what land owners can take into consideration to help protect the shoreline.

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MapIT Shoreline Application

An interactive mapping resource intended to provide information about shoreline features and habitat.

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Green Shores For Homes

A collaborative initiative of the Islands Trust, San Juan County and the City of Seattle to explore ways to recognize land owners using Green Shores Design in the development, or redevelopment, of their property.

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The Islands Trust and Islands Trust Conservancy were established by the same legislation; however, the Islands Trust is a regulatory body and the Islands Trust Conservancy is a conservation land trust that protects land through voluntary measures.  At the Islands Trust Conservancy, they are working to find a way to protect the Salish Sea focusing on the interface between our terrestrial and marine worlds. 

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