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Reports and Publications

Sharing Our Shoreline

A brochure to introduce you to where sensitive marine habitat exists, how you can recognize them, and what steps you can take to support a healthy marine ecosystem.

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Fish Habitat Assessments 

Forage fish are small fish that travel in large groups called 'schools' and are a food source or 'forage' for larger fish and marine mammals. The Islands Trust has mapped beach spawning habitat for Pacific sand lance and surf smelt for many islands.

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Eelgrass Inventory, 2012-2014

Eelgrass is a marine plant that provides shelter and feeding areas for many fish and invertebrate species.  Eelgrass beds also remove and store carbon from the ocean.  They also stabilize marine substrates with their roots, buffering shorelines from waves and current action. Between 2012 and 2014 the Islands Trust partnered with others to map eelgrass beds along island shorelines.

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Islands Trust Shoreline Mapping - Project Methodology, September 2011

Prepared by Murdoch de Greeff Inc., Archipelago Marine Research Ltd., Coastal and Ocean Resources Inc., and Land & Water Inc.

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The Stewardship Centre for British Columbia

The Stewardship Centre for BC is a non-profit society that works with local communities, local governments and the planning and building professions to champion science-based best stewardship practices for land and water in BC.  They have produced a number of stewardship resources and programs, including the Green Shores program.

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