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Welcome to the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Area

The largest of the southern Gulf Islands, Salt Spring Island is home to over 10,000 people and is one of Canada's top tourism and retirement destinations. The Salt Spring Island trust area enjoys one of the warmest year-round climates in Canada, and is popular for its easy-going lifestyle, rich culture and serene beauty. Encompassing nearly 20,000 hectares and including numerous islets, the Local Trust Area is located 11 kilometres north of the Swartz Bay ferry terminal on Vancouver Island.

Important Information: North Salt Spring Waterworks District Water Supply Statement


Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee News

December 21, 2017 | SSILTC Regular Meeting Highlights

Chair Luckham attended by conference call and appointed Trustee Grams as Acting Chair for the meeting. 

A Public Hearing was held for Bylaws 502 and 503 (to rezone 805 Vesuvius Bay Rd from CA2 to R8). Later in the meeting, the SSI LTC read Bylaws 502 and 503 a third time and forwarded them for approval and requested the applicant register a 5m right of way in favour of the CRD from the Margaret Avenue beach access to the ferry terminal parking lot. 

The second readings of Bylaws 487 and 496 (regarding Agriculture in Rural Watershed Zones) were rescinded, amended and read a second time. 

Regarding a rezoning application to permit additional commercial guest accommodation units at the Harbour House Hotel (121 Upper Ganges Road), the SSI LTC directed staff to amend Bylaw 508 to limit the siting of buildings to the existing footprint to address concerns raised by First Nations, and requested the applicant commission an Archaeological Impact Assessment to determine the extent and nature of archaeological values on the property.

In addition, the SSI LTC: directed staff to provide options regarding the housing agreement with the Salt Spring Island Land Bank Society on Rainbow Road; endorsed the release of the Notation of Interest 911051 on Mt. Bruce and Mt. Sullivan;  endorsed staff entering into a Cost Recovery Agreement with the CRD for legal review for issues regarding 161 Drake Road;  approved issuance of a DVP (170 Saltspring Way) to permit an increase in Accessory Building Area;  and adopted Bylaw No. 506 (Salt Spring Island Community Services) a Housing Agreement for the provision of 24 units of affordable housing at Lot 3 Bishops Walk.


November 30, 2017 | SSILTC Regular Meeting Highlights

The SSI LTC held a PUBLIC HEARING for Proposed Bylaw 506 (a Housing Agreement for the provision of 24 units of affordable housing on Bishop’s Walk) and later read it a 2nd and 3rd time and forwarded it for approval. 

The SSI LTC accepted the presentation of the Community Consultation Summary and Recommendations – Ganges Harbourwalk Upland Report regarding the community consultation event held November 4. The SSI LTC: requested staff review the status of the development permits regarding the properties under review; requested staff request the Province consult with the LTC prior to renewal or replacement of tenure areas adjacent to the subject properties; and directed staff to report back with options for next steps. 

Further, the SSI LTC: requested staff forward the “Japanese Canadian Historic Places Project” briefing to the Salt Spring Island Historical Society for comment; requested staff contact North Salt Spring Waterworks District to schedule a meeting between the LTC and the NSSWD Board; approved a DVP to vary the setback to allow an accessory building at 223 Jenifer Way; gave conditional approval to the DP authorizing tree cutting and removal at 412 Isabella Point Road; heard an application to rezone 805 Vesuvius Bay Road from CA2 to R8, amended Bylaw 502 and read it a 2nd time, and requested staff schedule a Public Hearing for Bylaws 502 and 503; and received a verbal update regarding a rezoning application to allow 34 affordable dwelling units and office use at 132 Corbett Road.


November 30, 2017 | Public Hearing for Bylaw 506

"Salt Spring Commons" Housing Agreement Public Hearing Notice

Bylaw 506 repeals and replaces Bylaw 339, which required 24 affordable rental housing units.  Bylaw 506 provides the following:

  • Requires at least 4 units of affordable rental housing
  • Allows 20 units of affordable home ownership housing
  • Establishes eligibility criteria for rental and ownership units
  • Provides conditions for resale of the ownership units
  • Defines additional legal terms.


November 4, 2017 | Ganges Harbourwalk Community Consultation

Thanks to everyone who came out on November 4 for the Local Trust Committee’s community consultation on Ganges Harbourwalk completion. More than 130 people packed the Lions Hall to listen and share their perspectives on the project. Staff from Dillon Consulting are preparing a report to the Local Trust Committee summarizing the day’s events and collating the dozens of comment sheets submitted afterwards. It is anticipated that this report will be presented at the November 30 LTC meeting.


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