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Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee News

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  • April 2, 2020 | Resolution Without Meeting (RWM) Decision Highlights:
    The Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee (SSI LTC) adopted the minutes from the March 2, 2020 Special Meeting via Resolution-Without-Meeting.  The Special Meeting was for a Community Information Meeting for Proposed Bylaw No. 471 (Temporary Use Permits for Residential Uses).  The minutes can be found here.


  • March 24, 2020 | Resolution Without Meeting (RWM) Decision Highlights:
    The SSI LTC approved issuance of development permit SS-DP-2019.10 (176 Bishops Walk Road) via Resolution-Without-Meeting. The SSI LTC approved a water covenant as part of a 2-Lot subdivision (SS-SUB-2016.5, 600 Isabella Point Road) via Resolution-Without-Meeting.
  • March 23, 2020 | Resolution Without Meeting (RWM) Decision Highlights:
    The Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee (SSI LTC) adopted the minutes from the February 18, 2020 Regular Business meeting via Resolution-Without-Meeting.


  • February 18, 2020 | SSI LTC Regular Meeting Highlights:
    • amended the Coast Douglas-fir and Associated Ecosystems Project and requested staff bring back the project charter for approval.
    • requested the Islands Trust Council to include a special property tax requisition for the SSI Local Trust Area in the amount of $75, 500.00 in its 2020/21 annual budget, to fund additional operation of the SSI LTC in preserving and protecting the quality and quantity of water resources within the Trust Area.
    • Bylaw No. 512 – Affordable Rental Housing – Cottages Project be read a third time, as amended, and forwarded on to Islands Trust Executive Committee for approval.
    • requested staff to expedite processing of an application from the Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust for a compositing facility and Burgoyne Bay.
    • referred the Advisory Commission Terms of Reference to the Agricultural Advisory Planning Commission for review and discussion.
    • declined amending Covenant FB102667 (Channel Ridge Covenant Amendment)
    • directed staff to write a letter of support for the Salt Spring Solutions Housing Solutions Lab grant application, for signature by the Chair.
    • Bylaw No. 517 and Bylaw No. 515, be adopted (154 Kings Lane, SSI)
    • issued SS-DP-2019.4 (154 Kings Lane), as amended.
    • approved SS-TUP-2019.8 (804 Fulford-Ganges Road) up to 3 years on the condition that the applicant seek a commercial access permit from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.
    • amended Bylaw No. 520 and to send to external agencies for additional referral, and approved a seasonal cottage to be maintained as a permitted use on the Section 219 restrictive covenant SS-RZ-2018.3 (377 Seymour Heights)
    • directed staff to hold a public meeting regarding Cannabis Retail Store license application for SS-LCB-2019.5 (382 Lower Ganges Road)
    • denied issuance of SS-DVP-2019.5 (351 Mountain Park Drive)

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