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Welcome to the Thetis Island Local Trust Area

Thetis Island Local Trust Area is located 7km east of Chemainus, BC, and has a 2011 census population of 340. The 2896 hectare area includes over twenty other "associated" islands, including Valdes, Ruxton, Reid, and Pylades. The planner for Thetis Island is Marnie Eggen. Please click below for contact information or to make an on-island planner appointment.

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Thetis Island Local Trust Committee Latest News   

June 2017 | Our groundwater, our responsibility – workshop coming to your island

Join Islands Trust and partners for a free workshop on wells and their impacts on groundwater.  Find out the details of a workshop near you.


April 2017 | Revised 2017 Thetis Island Local Trust Committee Meeting Schedule

View the REVISED 2017 meeting schedule here.




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Thetis Islands Local Trust Committee Projects

Implementing the Riparian Areas Regulation

Amendments to the Thetis Associated Islands Land Use Bylaw regarding private moorage on Ruxton Island

Follow up on comments from Lyackson First Nation post adoption of Thetis Assoc. Islands OCP and LUB


More Projects 
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