Local trust committee community planning projects are proactive initiatives that further the preserve and protect mandate. Projects can be significant and long term, such as an Official Community Plan Review, or may be relatively minor, such as an amendment to a regulation in a Land Use Bylaw.

Riparian Areas Protection Regulation Implementation

The purpose of the provincial Riparian Areas Protection Regulation (RAPR) (formerly known as Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR)) is to provide protection for riparian areas from development that would damage fish habitat. Riparian areas broadly refer to streams, lakes, and wetlands, but, the main focus of this initiative is on watercourses that support fish habitat. Enacted in 2004, the RAPR requires local governments in the province to adopt bylaws to control development within 30 metres of streams that support fish habitat. For more information see About this Project below.

  • 1. About the Project
  • 2. Staff Reports
  • 3. Proposed Bylaws
  • 4. Public correspondence
  • 5. Community Consultation
  • 6. Other Information

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