Welcome to the Denman Island open data portal. The data and maps available on this page are updated regularly, and are free to use with limited license restrictions.

We hope that this open data initiative will help make this portal the definitive source for current and accurate Islands Trust data.

Please refer to the following Terms and Conditions of Use before downloading.

  • Aerial Imagery

    A compilation of the most recent full colour aerial photographs of the Islands Trust at 1 meter pixel resolution.
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  • Contours 10 M

    Lines used to denote elevation at 10 meter intervals which are generated from digital elevation models.
  • Property Boundaries

    Properties boundaries refers to a unit of land under unified ownership. The property or parcel contains a Nine-digit Parcel Identifier Number (PID) which can be found on a property's tax assessment notice and on certain land title records.
  • Zoning

    Regulatory areas controlling the use of land within the Islands Trust as defined in the Island Bylaws. Zoning regulates development factors such as structure type, density, height, lot size, placement, and other standards.
  • Development Permit Areas

    A Development Permit Area (DPA) is an area of land or water that has been designated by a Local Trust Committee to achieve protection or to address design criteria. Within these designations land alteration, construction and subdivision are restricted until a development permit is obtained.
  • Aerial Imagery

    Full colour aerial photography map of the Islands Trust at 250 dpi for excellent viewing and printing. The detail available in these images ranges from 1:5,000 to 1:20,000 scale, depending on the extent of the island.

    Denman Island Aerial Imagery

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  • Bylaws

    Land Use maps depicting land use designations.

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  • Ecosystems

    Maps describing a variety of living organisms and their communities.

    Gambier LTC Regular Meeting Addendum

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    Overview - Policy Statement Amendment Project

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    Draft New Policy Statement - Clean Version

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    Draft New Policy Statement - Colour Coded

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    Executive Committee Regular Meeting Addendum

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