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North Pender Island LTA Associated Islands

Associated islands in the North Pender Island Trust Committee Area are covered by Official Community Plan 147, and Land Use Bylaw 148.

Arbutus Island Boat Islet Brackman Island
Brethour Island Chads Island Coal Island
Comet Island D'Arcy Island Dock Island
Domville Island Gooch Island Goudge Island
Greig Island Halibut Island Hood Island
Ker Island Knapp Island Little D'Arcy Island
Little Shell Island Little Zero Rock Reay Island
Roe Islet Ruby Island Rum Island
Sallas Rocks Sheep Island Sidney Island
Tortoise Islets Zero Rock Mandarte Island
Moresby Island Imrie Island James Island
Fane Island Fernie Island Forrest Island
Pellow Islets Portland Island Pym Island
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