Current Applications

This page includes current rezoning applications, as well as other significant applications. For a complete list of all open applications and their status, see the most current Local Trust Committee agenda package (found through a search for upcoming meetings on the Meetings and Events page). In the agenda package view the ‘Applications with Status Report’ which can be found within the ‘Reports’ section.

Application: NP-RZ-2016.1 (Mainroad)

Location: 3323 Port Washington Rd.

An application to rezone portions of two properties from Rural (R) to Industrial 2 (a) to correspond to the current area of industrial use and the designations of the OCP.

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  • 4 - Public Hearing

Application: NP-TUP-2021.4  (Grimmer) x-ref NP-TUP-2018.5

Location: 4415 Bedwell Harbour Road

A Temporary Use Permit (TUP) application for the renewal of NP-TUP-2018.5 which was issued for the period of one (1) year on May 12, 2020.   That permit is for a concrete batch plant and associated uses on a .75 ha (1.9 ac. – approx.) portion of the subject property (See Figure 1).  The renewal would maintain the subject property in compliance with the North Pender Island Land Use Bylaw 103, 1996.

  • 1 - Staff Reports
  • 2 - Professional Reports
  • 3 - Correspondence

Temporary Use Permits (TUPs) for Short Term Vacation Rentals

Moratorium: On November 28, 2019, the North Pender Island Local Trust Committee (LTC) passed the following resolution:

That the North Pender Island Local Trust Committee place a moratorium on new Short Term Vacation Rentals Temporary Use Permit applications for a limited time while the Local Trust Committee completes the Short Term Vacation Rentals review project.

Applicants can apply for a new temporary use permit for a STVR, however, the local trust committee will not consider it until the moratorium has ended. This does not affect renewal applications which will still be considered.

North Pender TUP STVR Map