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The largest of the southern Gulf Islands, Salt Spring Island is home to over 10,000 people and is one of Canada's top tourism and retirement destinations. The Salt Spring Island trust area enjoys one of the warmest year-round climates in Canada, and is popular for its easy-going lifestyle, rich culture and serene beauty. Encompassing nearly 20,000 hectares and including numerous islets, the Local Trust Area is located 11 kilometres north of the Swartz Bay ferry terminal on Vancouver Island.

Important Information: North Salt Spring Waterworks District Water Supply Statement

Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee News

February 9, 2017 | SSILTC Regular Meeting Highlights

The SSI LTC resolved: to administer, through SSIWPA, a partnership with Royal Roads university students to investigate the potential for rainwater harvesting; to contribute $2,000 to undertake a land use inventory of SSI agricultural land; and approved issuance of a service contract to conduct an hydrology review of the sustainable yield model developed by SSIWPA Technical Working Group. Regarding a proposal to amend zoning on Lot 15 Park Drive from CA4 to R6, the SSI LTC: gave Bylaw No. 497 second reading; requested staff schedule a Public Hearing; and requested the applicant forward an archaeological report at or before the Public Hearing. The SSI LTC approved issuance of DPs for 1429 Fulford-Ganges Road conditional upon receipt of a landscaping security and for 121 Upper Ganges Road.


January 31, 2017 | Salt Spring Island Watershed Protection Authority

The Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee is seeking your input on continued funding for coordination of the Salt Spring Island Watershed Protection Authority (SSIWPA). SSIWPA brings together multiple agencies to work together for water management on Salt Spring Island. The Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee is requesting a $98,500 Special Property Tax Requisition for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. For more information, please see the FAQ or contact the Islands Trust at 250-537-9144.


December 22, 2016 | SSILTC Regular Meeting Highlights

The SSI LTC:  adopted Technical Land Use Bylaw 492; approved issuance of a DP for 146 Natalie Lane; and accepted memos informing them that the ALC denied the application for non-farm use for 181 Brinkworthy Road.


December 1, 2016 | SSILTC Regular Meeting Highlights

THE SSI LTC: read Bylaw No. 493 (Piers Island OCP amendment) a third time and requested it be forwarded for approval by the Executive Committee; endorsed the Agriculture in Rural Watershed Zones Working Group Terms of Reference; approved the 120 Drake Road DVP application to reduce the setback from an interior side lot line; requested the applicant for 1429 Fulford-Ganges Road provide a revised proposal in accordance with relevant DPA guidelines; directed staff to draft a restrictive covenant for 231 Meadow Drive to implement the conditions required by the ALC; requested staff forward 300 Le Page Road to the ALC with support; requested the applicant for 902 and 952 Beaver Point Road submit a report which demonstrates how the subdivision plan conforms to OCP policies; approved issuance of a DP for 125 Mapleridge Place for a water line installation; established a Project to re-consider restrictions for Accessory Buildings without an Established Principal Use and requested staff provide options; and established a Project to undertake an environmental audit of our foreshore conservation areas and requested staff report on the resources needed to undertake such.


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