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Below is a compilation of resources that have been prepared for Thetis Island. If you have any questions, or do not find what you are searching for, please contact planning staff.

General Resources

Note: Subdivision requirements or restrictions not taken into exhaustive account for the purposes of this map include restrictive covenants, park dedication, road dedication, steep slope, and lot width to length ratios, and may occur.

Resources on Sustainability and Enviromental Protection

Resources on on Shorelines and Marine Topics

  • Your Marine Waterfront: a guide to protecting your property while promoting healthy shorelines (2016 Canadian Edition)

Resources on Housing and Food Security

Archaeological Information

Housing Needs Assessment Report

Housing needs assessments are the first step a community can take to understand the gap(s) between the housing needs of its people and the availability of suitable housing to meet that need. The Northern Region Housing Needs Assessment is available here.

Further information on Housing in the Islands Trust is available here.

Resources on Climate Change Action

Resources on Backyard Burning

  • CVRD Airshed Protection Strategy
  • CVRD Bylaw No.3716 - Bylaw to Control and Regulate Nuisance Smoke Pollution. April 2017 update: CVRD is considering amending bylaw to include parts of Electoral Area “G,” including Thetis Island.

Resources on Archaeology

Governance Resources

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