Gifts of Cash

Every donation makes a difference.

100% of your donation goes directly to protecting nature on the islands you love.

Thanks to the vision and generosity of donors and partners, since 1990 more than 1,375 hectares have been protected on the islands of the Salish Sea.

Islands Trust Conservancy has a number of funds you can choose to direct your donation towards.

Donate to Islands Trust Conservancy

three young girls standing infrotn fo a tree smiling and holding a sapling in a plant pot

Fund Options

  • Opportunity Fund – enable us to support local conservancies and strategically protect nature across the islands.
  • Lasqueti, Thetis and Gambier Island Acquisition Funds–see our guidelines on restricted geographic funds
  • Covenant Management and Defence Fund – we current manage over 79 conservation covenants on private land across the islands. The cost of monitoring and meeting our obligations to ensure the protection of these covenants continues to increase every year. See our guidelines for covenant management and defence funds.
  • Property Management Fund – we current manage over 34 properties across the islands. The cost of monitoring, protecting and restoring nature on these properties continues to increase every year. See our guidelines for property management funds.

You may also choose to not designate your donation. This will allow the Islands Trust Conservancy Board and staff to direct funds to where it is needed most. If there is no urgent campaign then donations will be directed to the Opportunity Fund per the direction from the Islands Trust Conservancy Board.

If you are giving donations over $500 you may want to consider some strategic giving options. Visit our Planning Your Legacy page for more information and ideas such as gifts of insurance, stocks, and more. If you have questions, please email Islands Trust Conservancy.

Fundraise for Islands Trust Conservancy

Did you know that the best thing you can do to combat climate change is to protect nature? Fundraising is always needed for the Opportunity Fund in support of land conservation and acquisition throughout the Islands Trust Area. However we also have other fundraising opportunities. Learn more

Whether you’re running in a marathon, hosting a garage sale, selling homemade items, or celebrating a life event like a birthday or a marriage, Islands Trust Conservancy is grateful for every effort to raise funds to preserve and protect the Islands Trust Area.

You can read stories from conservation superheros who have helped to raise funds to support the protection of nature on the islands they love.